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Andalucian horses

 After many happy years in our beautiful home, we have finally decided to retire.

Our family have grown up, and we feel that it is time to move on.

Our life with our horses has been most enjoyable, but we have reluctantly decided to sell our Hacienda.

If you enjoy the countryside, where the only noise is that of the birds singing, or love riding horses, or would even like to continue with our successful business with Andalucian horses, then come and visit us.

We have an extremely spacious home of 320 sq.m. in 17,000 sq.m. of grounds.
There are 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms.
We enjoy wonderful facilities for horses.
There are 12 stables, a tack room and showers.
There is an office and bar overlooking an Olympic size dressage area.

We are based just inland from Fuengirola in the province of Malaga.

By all means get in touch with us by calling

Geraldine or Barry on 00 34 650 883 629

Identifying features of the Andalucian Horse

The features that made this pure Spanish breed so highly sought after, are its elegance, high head carriage, broad forehead, short arched neck, silky flowing mane, powerful quarters, and wonderful proportions.

Andalucian Horses - Displays

The Royal School of Equestrian Art, a magnificent display of Andalucian horses, is at Jerez de la Frontera. The equestrian centre is built around the Recreo de las Cadenas Palace, itself an amazing 19th century baroque-style building designed by Charles Garnier, who also designed the Paris Opera House. The shows are held in the 1600 seat arena.

While the Andalucian horse is absolutely first class for various types of sport, such as show jumping and dressage, it is not the ideal horse for rodeo riding or horse racing.

Andalucia - Andalucia is a region of south-west Spain comprising eight provinces or counties and with a population of over seven million inhabitants. It has a tremendous history going back thousands of years, and can boast of a phenominal number of ancient buildings thanks to the Arab influence over hundreds of years. Centuries ago Cordoba was considered to be the capital of the world. Horses are very much part of the culture of the Andalucian people.

Although here in Spain the spelling of the word for the region is Andalucian, in some other parts of the world these beautiful horses are described as Andalusian horses.


Colt - potro
Dressage - doma
Equine - equino
Farm - granja or cortijo - prounced cortee ho
Foal - potro
Gelding - caballo castrado
Horse - caballo
Horse breeder - criador de caballos
Horse rider - jinete - pronounced hin etty
Horse riding - equitacion
Horse shoe - herradura
Horse show - concurso hipico
Horse woman - amazona
Mare - yegua
PRE - pura raza espaƱola, or pure bred Spanish, and refers to those horses with documented history in the official stud book.
Purebred - de pura sangre or pura raza
Stable - establo
Stallion - semental
Stud farm - yeguada or caballeriza
Stud book - registro genealogico de caballos
Stud horse - caballo padre
Stud mare - yegua de cria
Thoroughbred - de pura sangre or pura raza
Vet - veterinario 

Andalucian horses for sale